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Thanks at Thanksgiving

We know it’s not the done thing to blow our own trumpets, but once in a while we receive a letter like the one below which makes our hearts sing. So thank you, George, and thanks to all our subscribers for supporting our work. (To subscribe to our magazine and see if you agree with George, click here.)

Dear New Internationalist Co-operative

Thanksgiving 2009

My wife and I have a tradition. Each Thanksgiving we pick out one person who has meant something special to us during the past year and write a letter of thanks and appreciation. This year I have decided to send my thanksgiving letter to The New Internationalist magazine.
I want to thank you for the many ways you have inspired, challenged, informed and encouraged me.


Your gutsy way of telling the facts and raising up issues that often are ignored or lied about.
Your coverage of international issues of justice and peace... with great diversity.
Your good journalism and clear understandable articles... and outstanding pictures.
Your example of co-operative living.
Your willingness to travel to places of pain and listen to those who are in pain.
Your willingness to speak to the religious community about their complicity in some of the problems of our world... as well as the good work some are doing.
Your recommendation of good books, films and music. There are many places that are doing what you are doing and we need to keep each other informed and connected.
Your honesty in admitting that you too struggle and don’t have all the answers.
Your attempts to add a bit of humour... and celebration.... giving us all a smile once in a while.
Your willingness to hang in there when the going has not been easy.
So these are some of the reasons I give thanks for all you who make up the co-operative and who work at putting out this excellent magazine.
Thanks for being open to the winds of change in our world... and for being you.

Thanksgiving blessings...

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