There's a competition to produce a short film about climate change over at 1minutetosavetheworld. This one about resource wars was great - very simple and effective messaging from the filmmaker Stelios Alexandrakis. Check it out:

There's loads more videos on 1minutetosavetheworld too.

Here's what the 1minute folks say of the project:

The project has aimed to provide an outlet for this creativity that will visualise the link that we all share in tackling the most important and critical issue in human history. By enabling young people from around the world to speak out and let their voices be heard by the global leaders in Copenhagen the videos aspire to influence the key decisions that will shape the future of human existence on this planet. We are planning to screen a selection of films to decision makers and journalists during the UN climate talks in Copenhagen as part of the Millennium Arts CO2 Cube project. We are screening a selection of films to the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group in the House of Commons and it looks like we will be screening in the White House as well.

It is our intention to build this project every year, to provide a consistent, strong message about climate change and the environment from people all over the world and to deliver the messages to decision makers. We are also intending the campaign to be partly viral, showing the not only the power of the internet as a campaigning tool but the strength of the 'human' message in climate campaigning.

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