New books, New directions

Last Saturday evening in a pub in Westminster a crowd gathered for the launch of two vital new NI books: No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance and People First Economics.

Amidst the 19th century glory of The Feathers boozer two of the brains behind the books spoke of how the volumes offered crucial insight into early 21st century economics as well as glimpses of what a different future might look like. Peter Stalker, author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance, talked about the challenges of writing a book on the financial system whilst it underwent the catastrophic tumult of earlier this year. John Hilary, a contributor to People First Economics, and Director of campaign organisation War on Want, picked up on the value of contributions from those who had worked inside the system - such as former Jersey economics adviser John Christensen. He also praised the book's geographical diversity - with pieces from Bolivian President Evo MoralesAsian analyst Walden Bello, South African academic Patrick Bond and UK journalist George Monbiot - as well as how it had provided him with new ideas for new directions.  

The event followed a day long G20 counter-conference organised by the Put People First coalition - of which New Internationalist is media partner. With the campaigning for positive solutions to the economic crisis continuing we hope these books will form a valuable tool for those looking to understand the present system and help build a better one fit for the future. 

Both books are currently available at a combined special offer price of £14.

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