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It's Friday - ready to win a No Nonsense Guide to World Food?

No-Nonsense guide to World FoodThe fool-proof way to having a fantastic Friday? Win something that helps both you and your kitchen. This week’s New Internationalist Friday contest has arrived!

We’re offering a FREE “No Nonsense Guide to World Food” to the sixth person who answers today’s challenge correctly and posts their answer on the blog comments. The question:

The Alpine Bakery is a community-minded Yukon business that sells wholesome, organic food products – in addition to Birch Bark Bread Boxes. These special boxes aren’t made in Canada, though. What country are they made in? (Hint: The bread boxes are sold in the NI Shop. Take a look around the shop for help: shop.newint.org)

Post your answer on the blog comments below, then contact us directly ([email protected]) with your info. If you’re the sixth person to answer correctly, we’ll send you the No Nonsense Guide to World Food!

Many thanks,
NI Team