It’s Friday – and your chance to win the Green Guide!

The only way to make Friday better? Winning something from the NI Shop. It’s time for New Internationalist’s Friday contest!

We’re offering a FREE copy of David Suzuki’s Green Guide to the fifth person who answers today’s challenge correctly and posts on the wall.

EcoEquitable, a non-profit enterprise, helps integrate one specific group of people into the workforce. Name that group of people. (Hint: EcoEquitable manufactures one item in the NI US & Canadian Shop – take a look around)

Post your answer on the group’s Wall, then contact us directly ([email protected]) with your info. If you’re the fifth person to answer correctly, we’ll send you the book!

Good luck!

NI team.

ps_ if you're entering this competition from outside of North America, you will need to use the direct link to the US or Canadian NI shops to search for the group. 

pss_ if you enjoy these little contests, you might also like to follow us on twitter (@newint) for our Twitter Tuesday contests.

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