Help us to choose next month’s magazine cover!

Most people have an opinion and a preference when it comes to magazine covers. Some times it’s the story line that draws us in, sometimes it’s the image, and more often than not what works for one person is a utter disaster for another! We love to talk about covers here at New Internationalist. Everyone here likes to get involved, put in their two pennies and frankly, test the decision making procedures of co-operative working. What we’d really like to know is what you think.

Here are four we’re considering for next month’s magazine. Can you help us decide? Which cover would drive you to pick the magazine up at the newsagent? Which would make you scrabble to open your magazine as fast as possible? Become part of our monthly cover debate and cast your vote!

Either post your comments below, or simply cast your vote.

What do you think? Which would you be most likely to pick up if you saw it in a shop? Which would have you tearing open the envelope if it plopped through your letter box? What can we do to improve them?

Number 1: Top left

Number 2: Top right

Number 3: Bottom left

Number 4: Bottom right

Psst: You can view the results without voting here.

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