Help us redesign the New Internationalist website

The New Internationalist is getting a major online overhaul, and we need your help to make it that extra bit spectacular.

In order to help us, we've contracted the help of web design ninja Andy Clarke. Andy has been working with us now for over a month and has still not run away screaming from the project and our long list of asks, so we think that's a good sign. Not only that, the glutton has agreed to an 'open' design process whereby anyone can feedback on the designs as they develop and help contribute to making them even better. 

This is where you folks come in. We need NI's cadre of regular readers, e-newsletter subscribers, RSS, twitter and facebook stalkers, etc to let us know your thoughts. 

Andy has kindly posted several posts on our blog outlining his thoughts on the process of the NI redesign, branding and provided several mockups which you can view directly in your browser. These are all still works in progress, but your feedback would be an invaluable contribution towards refining the concepts into the polished designs that will ultimately make up the new and inproved New Internationalist websites.

So, without further ado, please have a look at the following and let us know what you think! Have a read of the following posts to follow the whole process, or just skip straight to this post and then to Andy's website to leave comments and follow others.

The New Internationalist Redesign Process

The New Internationalist Online Branding

The New Internationalist Home Page Challenge

Designing New Internationalist Magazine Pages

Designing Blog Post Pages

A Top-Down Look at the Redesign

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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