All aboard!

If you haven’t made any plans for your summer holidays yet, here’s a thought: why not join a caravan with a difference? Chris Keene, former coordinator of the Anti-Globalization Network, and now the climate policy advisor of the Green Party of England and Wales, is one of the organizers of the initiative, which he recently explained to me:

‘The Climate Summit is coming up in Copenhagen in December 2009; here the world’s politicians and business leaders will be deciding a new climate deal for our future. We need to make sure these talks do not end in weak carbon trading schemes, private rights to the world’s forests and big handouts to big business.

The task of the Zero Carbon Caravan is to take the demand for ‘a Zero Carbon World, as fast as we can’ all the way to the Summit by travelling there completely ‘zero carbon’ – using cycles, sailing ships and kayaks, showing how we can have fun without fossil fuels by organizing zero carbon events like concerts, and holding meetings on the way to discuss how to go zero carbon.

By travelling in a relay, (so you don’t have to go all the way to Copenhagen), we will show the world’s leaders how we can work together to save the world from climate change. It will be a journey to remember, with the chance to meet, educate and inspire thousands of people along the way.

We also need people to help with providing material for our website – on the climate science showing how urgent is the need for zero carbon emissions, and the way we can get there, by lifestyle change, energy efficiency and renewables.

Email [email protected] to see how to get involved – it may be the most important thing you do in your life!’

Visit the website for more details.

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