Factory Occupation In Enfield

After car parts manufacturer Visteon announced job cuts workers occupied plants in Belfast, Basildon and Enfield. In Enfield about 80 workers - men and women from all kinds of backgrounds - are still inside the plant and on the roof. Last Tuesday the management called for a general assembly and told people that they would have to leave their workplace immediately. They were told to fetch their personal belongings the next day at 10 am. When people turned up the factory was already closed. Workers entered through an unlocked side entrance and occupied the plant.

Workers take to the rooftop at Visteon

Come and show your solidarity. Either today or at a rally at 11am on Saturday 4 April.

The factory is on Morson Road, five minutes from Ponders End railway station - cross footbridge, take main road towards Central London, Morson Rd on left, the factory is at the bottom end.

For more info call mobile phone in factory - 07799 896 466.

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