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Star Trek meets G20

This is what happens when you start writing something you think is funny and take it to its logical conclusion. It's also a reliable indicator of just how nerdy I really am. Not only do I know Star Trek well enough to know my Romulans from my Klingons, but I know enough about economics to know my derivatives from my hedge funds. Oh dear!

It was certainly fun to write, and is my first foray into screenwriting to boot! But I realise that this will most likely be lost on most readers. So you've been warned! If at least one other person besides my wife finds it funny, I will feel like the effort was worth it. : - )

Without further ado: http://www.newint.org/features/special/2009/04/02/g20-star-trek-the-borg-supremacy/

PS - Star Trek geeks will rightly pillory me for bringing the Borg into the Kirk years of Star Trek, but hey, it was a useful plot device. 

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