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University closes off debate on g20 alternatives

As the actions, marches, rallies and teach-ins gather pace around the g20 (I refuse to capitalize it) summit in London, the University of East London has decided to add its contribution by closing off space for a planned alternative summit. And who said that higher education was no longer the last bastion of intellectual freedom?

Please sign immediately at http://www.petitiononline.com/openUEL/petition.html

Dear friends,

The University of East London (UEL) was supposed to host an alternative summit on April 1st in the context of the upcoming G20 meeting on April 2nd. Following the media and police hype about possible disruptions to the city, the University withdrew its support for the alternative summit.

Subsequently, management of the University decided to close down the university all together on April the 1st and 2nd, cancelling lectures and closing the library, effectively trying to turn the university into a wasteland in the very moment when the university should instead be up to the task of hosting critical debate and be a hub of creative energies.

As the text of the petition makes clear, this is not just about UEL, but about reclaiming universities and education in these times of crisis.


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