Putting People First - in London

Perhaps inevitably, the British mainstream media coverage of the 2 April G20 meeting in London has been obsessed with bankers and pundits on the one hand - and the potential for violence on the other.

This reminds me – if I need reminding – that part of the problem is with the mainstream media. After all, how many of them saw the meltdown coming?

Things are not looking good for the G20 itself. Spats have broken out, and it's unlikely that they'll agree on anything, except trying to get back to where they were – the one mission that truly is impossible.

Having bailed themselves out with our money, the financial establishment is now saying there's nothing left except tax hikes and public service cuts for everyone else. What a surprise!

Despite the lack of media coverage, things are looking rather better for the Put People First demonstration in London this Saturday, 28 March. I know at least four coaches will be coming up to London from Bristol.

If you're in any doubt about coming yourself, do your very best. Given half a chance, the world will be watching. The NI will be there with a banner. Come and join us. Here's how to find us

Throughout this week, some 30,000 copies of the NI 'Put People First' supplement are being distributed on the streets of London with The Big Issue.

One possible exception to the corporate media void may be appearing on my local BBC TV (Southwest). They plan to talk with people going up to London from Bristol on Saturday. And on Sunday The Politics Show promises to look at positive local alternatives, of which there are plenty.

They've asked me to go in to the studio. I'm reluctant to recommend taking a look  – partly because, in my experience, nothing ever turns out quite as you'd like. 

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