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Because nature doesn't do bail-outs

There's been a frustrating lack of action on the part of the British people in response to our leaders royally screwing the economy and the climate then insisting on more of the same to sort it out. So it's exciting to receive news today that the Camp for Climate Action is planning to target London's financial heartlands just as the G20 world leaders touch down for their next 'Shit! How the hell do we get out of this mess????' summit on 1st April.

Here's what's been announced so far:

Camp for Climate Action has announced plans to take "spectacular action" in the financial centre of London on the 1st of April, the day that global leaders arrive in the UK for the G20 summit.  The Camp will highlight the link between the financial crisis and the climate crisis, and shut down the European Climate Exchange, the biggest carbon trading platform in Europe.

A call to action has been circulated that invites people to come and 'set up camp' in the City. Although the exact form that this camp will take has not been publicly revealed, the message is being spread over text messages, email lists and social networking sites.

Stanley Kumana, who plans to attend the action, said:

"The G20 leaders are attempting to revive economic growth, but in a time of climate crisis, their response to the financial meltdown is emergency loans to car manufacturers, increased spending to encourage consumption, and bailouts for the very people who got us into this mess. Just the things that will make the climate crisis worse."

Climate camper Fiona Crawley said:

"First the city traders speculated with our homes, jobs and money – with disastrous results. Now they are speculating with our climate and the very future of life on earth - and once again our governments are cheering them on. The UK government is justifying a third runway at Heathrow and a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth by saying carbon trading will magically make all their emissions vanish."

In 2007 over 3,000 people camped on the site of the proposed third runway at Heathrow airport, and in 2008, again thousands camped against the proposed coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. The UK government is claiming carbon trading will apparently defy science and stop the emissions from these projects affecting the climate. In 2009 the Camp for Climate Action has decided that it is time to camp against the over-arching problem: absolute faith in unfettered markets and endless economic growth.

Carbon trading is a key G20 response to climate change, yet is increasingly controversial. On 30 January, the Chief Executive of energy-giant EDF referred to carbon markets as being 'the new sub-prime' while Nasa scientist James Hansen has lambasted carbon trading as being 'ineffectual'.

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