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Enough! Never Again!

We've received this statement and call to action, which pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Please circulate as widely as possible.


Global Call to Action to Demand a New Economic System


US President George Bush and other G8 leaders have called a summit of governments of the world´s 20 biggest countries on November 15 to respond to the international financial crisis.

This summit is fundamentally flawed. It excludes many countries whose citizens will also suffer the impacts of the crisis and provides no space for the in-put of citizens groups, social movements, peoples organizations, and other civil society formations.

The swift and massive response of the governments of the richest countries to bail out the banks and financial institutions is in very stark contrast to their failure to respond decisively to the unabated crisis of poverty, marginalization and deprivation that has afflicted the majority of peoples of the world for so long. In a matter of weeks, these leaders committed more than one trillion US dollars of public funds to bail out private banks and private financial institutions. Twelve years of “debt relief” initiatives generated only slightly more than 100 billion dollars in debts cancelled, at severe cost to the “beneficiaries” who had to implement free market neoliberal policies as pre-condition.

The élite circle of government leaders behind the Summit only aim to stabilize the system while preserving its essential character. It is a system founded on concentration of wealth and economic control in the hands of a few, the unmitigated and irresponsible abuse of the earth’s resources, the exploitation of the toil and sweat of the many, and continuing and deepening impoverishment of the majority. The reforms being proposed include more bail outs and giving power greater and legitimation to institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, which bear a big part of the responsibility for this financial crisis well as the climate, food and energy crises. And once again people will be made to pay the bill.

There will be greater suffering for workers, farmers, ordinary employees, low-income families, women and children, pensioners, rural and urban poor communities, indigenous peoples and for the climate and environment unless an alternative path is taken now.

We say:

Never Again! There must be fundamental structural changes to transform the global economic and financial system so crises like this never happen again.

Enough! There must be global economic structures and policies that put peoples´ needs first, that respect and  promote human rights and social and environmental justice -- decent jobs, sustainable livelihoods, essential services such as health care, education, housing, water services and clean energy.

Democratize! Give people greater control over resources and the decisions that affect their lives.


We will take no more. This system can be changed and must be changed.

We urge all social movements, peoples’ organizations, coalitions, networks and citizens formations world-wide to organize various forms of actions on November 15. Let it be the start of many more actions to fight for our rights and bring forth a new, just, equitable, democratic and sustainable global order.

Please send information on your plans to [email protected]
Please circulate this Call to your members and partners. And please feel free to add your name to the list of endorsers when you circulate this Call.

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