Coal? It's like paying someone to be a prick!

The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd has promised the coal industry $1.2 billion dollars in compensation before the Australian emissions trading scheme is finalised. Seem a bit ridiculous? That's what Greenpeace Australia thought, so they teamed up with Andrew Hansen from the social commentary spoof show The Chaser's War on Everything to create a campaign calling Mr Rudd to reduce the handout. Here's what they came up with:

Imagine what $1.2 billion dollars could do for renewable energy development..

Do you live in Australia? (or have access to internet telephony) Well don't forget to book your phone call to Prime Minister Rudd to tell him what you think!  Book your place by clicking 'book a call' on the Greenpeace website.

Oh, and don't forget to forward it to all your Australian friends!

Cheers, Simon.

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