Suffragette city

The activists behind Climate Rush are invoking the power and memory of the Suffragettes to take urgent action on climate change. If you're in London on 13 October, you should come down to Parliament Square at 5:30pm. Wear white/period clothing if you can. Extra credit for handlebar moustaches, bloomers, frilly hats, etc.

From the Climate Rush blog:

"There are degrees of militancy. Some women are able to go further than others in militant action and each woman is the judge of her own duty so far as that is concerned. To be militant in some way or other is, however, a moral obligation. It is a duty which every woman will owe to her conscience and self-respect, to other women who are less fortunate than she is herself, and to all those who are to come after her.

If any woman refrains from militant protest against the injury done by the Government and the House of Commons to women and to the race, she will share the responsibility for the crime. Submission under such circumstances will be itself a crime.

I know that the defeat of the Amendments will prove to thousands of women that to rely only on peaceful, patient methods, is to court failure, and that militancy is inevitable."

- Emmeline Pankhurst, January 10th 1913.

Climate Rush

The Climate and Energy Bill will promise 60% cuts in our CO2 emissions by 2050. Accepting this wholly inadequate target as the best that Britain will do to combat Climate Change is the acceptance that we will do too little too late. To be able to be militant is a privilige - Emmeline Pankhurst understood as much. The Climate Rush will bring all who oppose climate change together. If you prefer to remain within the law then come along for the rally and speeches, tea and cakes. If, however, you can be militant - if the government's tied-hands have frustrated every democratic attempt at change that you have made - then we believe that you are called upon to take direct action, the last resort of a democracy. The government will come to understand that increasingly militancy is inevitable. We cannot career down the path of climactic collapse.

On Monday 13th October a huge crowd will gather to say no more words, no more spin, no more shuffling behind the scenes of big business. A protest crowd will listen to speeches and share ideas and vision. We will be invited to make good the celebration of the Suffragettes' mighty precedent. But there is no requirement to 'rush' - come and listen to speeches, come and meet some inspirational women, come and watch the struggle for social change.

All are welcome - militants and pacifists unite.


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