International arms trade fair comes to Adelaide, Australia

I just had news that my lovely home-town solar city of Adelaide, Australia will be the venue for the next Asia Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition.

Its purpose is to provide military companies from all over the world with an opportunity to display their latest war fighting machinery.

So to counter all of this war mongering, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in getting together a little peace gathering around the same time.

I was thinking of collaborating with some local street artists and gather stickers, stencils and other contributions from international artists to make up some movable art installations to erect around the conference.

We'd be making something using recycled boxes, so it can be easily and quicky assembled and moved around to have best effect.

So if you are an artist, know an artist who would be interested, or just want to come and help get involved, please email me: [email protected] and i'll keep you updated with more.

If you have stencils and or stickers that you'd like to contribute, send them to:

New Internationalist
28 Austin Street,
Adelaide, Australia 5000

Further reading about the conference:

To get on the email updates list, contact: [email protected]

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