Planet Ocean Book Launch

Take a deep breath and jump in to Planet Ocean
Come and join us for the UK book launch, 18th October, 6:30pm at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London. (see map below)

Planet Ocean

The book, Planet Ocean, published jointly by New Internationalist and Greenpeace, has been a year in the making – a huge task only made possible by the ready availability of Greenpeace's incredible photographs taken on an expedition that lasted a lot longer (16 months), and their most ambitious expedition to date.

Come and see the results at the exhibition and launch of the book at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London.

The launch starts at 7pm, with drinks from 6.30pm on 18th October. The author, Sara Holden, will be joined by Greenpeace photographer, Pierre Gleizes, other Greenpeace campaigners and scientists and New Internationalist to share their experiences and expertise.

The exhibition of photographs from the campaign runs until 21st October on the 3rd floor.

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