International diary dates & inspiring quotes for NI planner 2009

It's your friendly NI designer here again.  Thanks everyone who submitted artwork and photographs for the NI Planner 2009.  The images look fantastic, but they'd be nothing without great text to go with them.

So now I'm looking for some inspiring / quirky / funny / serious quotes & international diary dates to include in the planner.

Do you have some words of wisdom stuck on your fridge?  Something on the bathroom mirror that inspires you?  Maybe the anniversary of a great moment in history that stands out in your mind?  Or something you've always wanted to see in one of the NI diaries and calendars that you have at home or work?

Well why not share them with the world!

Email your ideas to: [email protected]
Deadline: Wednesday 22nd August.

Thank you!

Best, Simon.
Designer - NI Australia

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