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Recipe of the Week: Zebra Cake (Azerbaijan) Week 2

Feathering the top of this cake results in a delicate cobweb pattern, which means this would be a great cake to make for Hallowe’en.

Recipe of the Week: Jablecznik (Poland) Week 3

The cloves smell wonderful while this cake is cooking and they also complement the flavor of the apples.

Recipe of the Week: Mango Cake (India) Week 4

Simple recipes and fresh ingredients often give the best results and this (vegan) Indian cake is a case in point.

Recipe of the Week: Pruimencake (Netherlands) Week 5

This is one of those cakes that can also be eaten as a dessert with cream or ice cream.

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Save our species from capitalism: a politics that speaks to people

Richard Swift interrogates capitalism, exploring the alternatives offered by left-wing politics.

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A catalogue of brutality: Atlas of Migration in Europe book launch

Published in English for the first time, the Atlas provides a critical analysis of political asylum and immigration in the European Union.

Tope Folarin wins 2013 Caine Prize

Folarin becomes the first writer based outside Africa to scoop the continent’s leading literary award.

'The Co-operative Revolution' launches in Sydney

Are humans naturally selfish or altruistic? New Internationalist’s latest graphic novel explores the science of co-operation with the Australian public.

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Where is African literature at today?

Magnus Taylor explores what inspires the authors behind the Africa Writes festival and what links them together.

Blogging the Caine Prize 2013

The shortlist is out! Bloggers from all over the world are reviewing each story in turn before the winner is announced on 8 July.

Bread and Roses Award 2013

And the winner of the prize was…

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