'The Co-operative Revolution' launches in Sydney

Author and illustrator Paul Fitzgerald, better known as the political cartoonist ‘Polyp’, is visiting Sydney for three months to launch his new graphic novel The Co-operative Revolution.

Fitzgerald will be joined by fellow artist Eva Schlunke at Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney, to host a launch and signing on 4 July 2013, between 6 and 7pm.

The Co-operative Revolution explores the history of the movement from its desperate roots in the north of England during the economic crash of the 1840s, to its astonishing spread across the world.

Today, the top 100 co-operatives in Australia have a combined annual turnover of over $14 billion. Worldwide, over 100 million people are employed by co-operatives, and total membership is nearly 1 billion people.

This beautifully illustrated book also explores the science behind altruistic behaviour in nature, revealing a host of little-known and amazing insights. It reveals that all plant and animal biological cells in the world, including those of humans, are in fact miniature ‘endosymbiotic’ co-operatives, composed of two different organisms linked together for mutual benefit. It boldly argues that co-operative behaviour is in fact the norm, not the exception, and that claims about human beings being relentlessly and innately greedy or self serving are a politicized distortion of Darwin’s ideas.

You can view an animated online version of the novel or read a Q&A with Polyp, courtesy of Palgrave Macmillan.

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