Recipe of the Week: Ratatouille (France)

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Yummy RatatouilleRatatouille originated in the area around what is now Provence in France. Versions of the dish are found in Catalunya and Majorca. An exuberant dish, it’s good to make lots and freeze some for when summer is over to remind you of sunny days. Serve with hot bread.

S E R V E S 4 - 6
Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 2-4 hours
2 onions, chopped finely
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 can tomatoes
1 eggplant/aubergine, diced
2 sticks celery, chopped finely
2 zucchini/courgettes, sliced
1 green bell pepper, chopped finely
1 red bell pepper, chopped finely
1-2 tbsp tomato paste/purée
2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp parsley, chopped
1 tsp oregano, or 1/2 tsp dried
1-2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped
salt and pepper

Heat oven to 250°F/130°C/Gas 1/2-1

1 Using a heavy pan that can also go into the oven, put a little oil in and then sauté the onions, followed by the garlic.
2 Then put in the remaining ingredients and seasoning; stir well.
3 Cover the pan and then cook very gently in the oven for 2-4 hours until everything is combined and rich. You can serve it hot or warm, with crusty bread.

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