Don't Shoot the Clowns Presented by Fuel Theatre

Dont Shoot the Clowns Book CoverFuel Theatre's production of Don't Shoot the Clowns will run until 17 November throughout the United Kingdom.

Don't Shoot the Clowns is Jo Wilding’s account of living with Iraqi people during the war and its aftermath. She tells what daily life is really like in a country coping with invasion and occupation, and how she and a hastily recruited troupe of circus performers brought clowns, laughter and some moments of respite to the children of Iraq.

‘I want to thank you for coming,’ said one observer. ‘This is the first time since the war that I have seen the children laugh this way, from their insides.’

The stage production is funded by Arts Council England and developed as part of Fuel at the Roundhouse and The Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park. The premier performance was held at The Belfast Festival on 19 October, where Jo Wilding was in attendance signing books and answering questions.

‘If you wish to know the real meaning of the phrase 'collateral damage', read this book.’ – Emma Thompson 

To view upcoming performances, please visit Fuel Theatre and check out a review of the play from The Stage.

Just don't forget to check out the book either!

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