Rax Interview with Jon Harris

In July, New Internationalist will publish the Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit. It is aimed primarily at teachers and students of Citizenship Studies in UK schools but in fact it can be used by anyone seeking to engage more actively in the world around them. 

The Toolkit is a landmark in textbook innovation, graphic style, approach to content and attitudes to learning. It also contains exclusive interviews with a range of voices, from popstars and politicians to young active citizens. Over the coming weeks we will be posting the full text of the Rax interviews.

Jon Harris is one of the leading film editors in the UK. He has worked on a long list of films including Snatch, Layered Cake, Kick Ass and The Descent as well as directing The Descent II. He is currently editing Danny Boyle’s latest film, 127 Hours. The Rax team caught up with Jon early in 2010.

Jon Harris

What issues do you think are most important for young people to address today?

A sense of society. If we are civil and helpful to people they are likely to be civil and helpful back.

Do you think that filmmaking can be a tool for creating change?

Yes if it is used responsibly.  Also with the internet it can reach a lot of people very quickly.

What editing tips can you give young people?

Be brief and succinct. Try and put your message across clearly in as few images as possible. Set yourself the task of making a film with only ten shots. When you are only allowed ten shots you will make them count.  

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