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Jeremy Seabrook wins Bread and Roses 2016 award

Regular contributor to New Internationalist, Jeremy Seabrook, has won the 2016 Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing.


2016: The Year of the Fashion Revolution

What did this year’s Fashion Revolution movement teach us? And what can the next generation do to change the current state of fast-fashion?

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Standing up against un-ethical fashion

This is the week of ‘The Fashion Revolution’. Alana Watson explains why youth and adults should care.

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Slow Fashion Book Launch

New Internationalist’s new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion, by Safia Minney, explores the rebirth of the slow fashion movement.

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Slow Fashion: Caryn Franklin and Safia Minney Live Q&A

Safia Minney launched her new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion last week. Caryn Franklin, British fashion expert and commentator, asks the People Tree founder about the trend of slow fashion and where the industry is heading.

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Leave the eggs to the hens...

An excerpt from Vegan Love Story by Hiltl and tibits presenting alternatives to eggs. 

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Haifa Fragments explores complex Palestinian-Israeli life

Haifa Fragments is a novel published by New Internationalist. In this video Chris Brazier explains how the book navigates difficult and intriguing terrain.

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'Cooked Up' at the London Short Story Festival

Summary of the ‘Cooked Up’ event at the London Short Story Festival. 

Cooked Up: Q&A with Elaine Chiew

 An exclusive interview with Elaine Chiew, of the Cooked Up anthology, discusses her favourite foods, what it’s like to write food fiction and how to impress even the most hard-to-please Chinese mother-in-law.

Haifa Fragments: Q&A with the Author

Exclusive interview with khulud khamis, author of forthcoming title ‘Haifa Fragments’.

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Occupy, 2011-Present

Sean Michael Wilson gives us an insight into the thought behind each chapter in Fight the Power!

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