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An urgent need for truth and independent journalism

Maxima Acuna

Máxima Acuña © Roxana Olivera

In an era of media moguls with corporate agendas and Donald Trump’s ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake-news’ politics, there is an urgent need for truth and independent journalism.

Unlike most mainstream media, New Internationalist does not censor or massage the news to protect corporate interests and advertizing barons.

Indeed, NI is bold and courageous. It reports on marginalized people whose voices would otherwise not be heard.

It tells us stories about those who fight to uphold social justice and defend our environment and human rights around the world.

As Máxima Acuña (pictured above) put it during an interview with NI, long before she received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her resistance against a gold mine in Peru:

Our national media have completely ignored our struggle and our suffering…

They have failed to report on how mining companies are stealing land from us, the poor; how they’re taking away our only source of food…

And, they have failed to report on how our authorities at the district attorney’s office and at the public ministry have sold their souls to the devil.

The world ought to know all this, but they don’t write about any of it!

In keeping us informed about current events and little-known activists like Máxima, New Internationalist gives us hope that change for a better world is possible.

That is why I write for New Internationalist, why I fully support this innovative community share initiative.

Read it, buy into it, and become a proud supporter of change!

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Roxana Olivera

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