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How to hit tax dodgers where it hurts, at a local level


Public procurement is the focus of the latest podcast from the Tax Justice Network. What is being done to tackle tax dodging companies on a local level?

This month's Taxcast also looks at how massive amounts of money are flowing into the US to circumvent the flawed Common Reporting Standard, the slippery world of ‘residence planning’ and the ‘synthetic residency’ dodge.

Also discussed: Britain’s Criminal Finances Bill which is likely to be passed this year and includes proposals for ‘Unexplained Wealth Orders’ and holding tax evading enablers to account and Britain's apparent threat to the European Union – ‘if you give us a bad Brexit deal, we’ll push regulation-lite, tax haven Britain even further in a race to the bottom and shoot ourselves in the foot.’

Presenter and producer Naomi Fowler is joined by John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, Paul Monaghan, co-founding Director of the Fair Tax Mark and Miguel Alba, Policy researcher in private sector and tax policies in Oxfam Intermón, Spain Zonas Libres de Paraisos Fiscales initiative.

See also: New Internationalist’s December magazine feature, ‘Tax cheating, easy living’ by Josh Eisen and Richard Swift.

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