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Trumping democracy

United States

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a rally at a car dealership in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S. 15 October 2016. © REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

How can any women, any American woman vote for Trump? Mari Marcel Thekaekara asks.

When you think it couldn't get any worse, this US Election, something new and unbelievably vile turns up. It's mind boggling that the world's most powerful democracy seems so helpless and so vulnerable. Nothing apparently, can be legally done to stop the juggernaut of a candidate who has taken a US presidential campaign to hitherto unknown depths.

The women who have come forward to allege groping and sexual molestation have been handed the 'almost-evidence' on a plate. The newest Bush-Trump tapes render them unassailably believable. A man who could use such lewd, vulgar, utterly despicable language and brag about his 'conquests' is not merely worse than a piece of garbage, he's indescribably revolting.

Yet, there are apparently many folks who still support the man. Dismiss the now vocal women as 'mere' bimbos. Lest we forget, Hilary Clinton used the 'bimbo' word a lot when her husband had to be defended. She was a raging virago and organized the troops to find every bit of filth, every hint of scandal which could shame, smear and bulldoze her husband's victims into withdrawing their complaints. She didn’t merely destroy them she ensured that they were pulverized, devastated.

I'm sorry for America. What a situation to be in. How on earth could they have let Bernie Sanders go?

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We in India, often throw up our hands in despair at the current state of politics too. We have civil servants and politicians in jail for serious crimes. But till recently our election laws did not require a person to give up their parliamentary seat even if convicted of a crime. It was only as late as 2013 when the Supreme Court ruled that anyone convicted of a crime and sentenced to more than two years imprisonment, would automatically lose their seat in parliament. The wheels of justice seem to move inexorably slowly and tediously. Can the US initiate fast track rules for the presidential elections when the political process is so obviously seriously imperilled?

I cannot comprehend how anyone at all, can even begin to contemplate voting for Donald Trump. Every week, he delivers a new bombshell. One has to cringe. How then, can any woman possibly vote for a man who so demeans and abuses women in general, leave alone attacking some women in particular?

If it’s possible for some women voters to dismiss the victims as bimbos, how on earth can any women not be revolted and disgusted by his comments that a super star can do anything to a woman, any woman, and get away with it? How can women, excuse such behaviour? How could feminist Democrat women bat for Bill Clinton glossing over his gross behaviour? How can any women, any American woman vote for Trump?

I think that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. To say that America is outraged, that many leading Republicans have withdrawn support and still continue pleading 'there's nothing we can do legally,' is taking the American Constitution from the sublime to the ridiculous.

A way out of this quagmire must be found. Even if it demands an unprecedented postponing of the set in stone November elections.

Or ‘American democracy’, that cliché, so mouthed by successive presidents since the first star spangled banner was unfurled, stands in danger of becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Over to the American people.

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