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Brexit and Kleptocracy

European Union

A British Union flag is seen flying outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 1 June, 2016. © REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

How different could the lives of those in poverty have been without secrecy jurisdictions?

We give you the very latest estimates on the missing trillions offshored from the world's developing regions.

Also: Brexit and the special interests behind it: 'Nakedly, brazenly, they're pushing the City of London's deregulated, criminal approach to finance.'

Plus, the Panama Papers shed some light on secretive, pro-tax haven US lobbying group the Center for Freedom and Prosperity's funders.

The 'revelations from the Panama Papers have been sensational but an international investigation with some kind of subpoena power would I think be 10 times as important.' - James Henry

Featuring: John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, and Columbia University Professor, Economist, lawyer and Tax Justice Network senior advisor James Henry.

Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network.

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