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Knocking Trump’s ego down to size

United States
Donald Trump pinata

© Dawn Starin

Fighting prejudice and fear with good-natured fun and humour, the Mexicans have found a way – a typically Mexican way – of showing Donald Trump what they think of him and his vitriol and, in the process, having an enjoyable time smashing his character and ego to smithereens. Donald Trump piñatas made from crumpled-up pieces of old newspaper, discarded toilet rolls and crinkled-up crepe paper are a big hit and selling out fast – both in the US and in Mexico. This one, enhanced with devil horns and not containing the traditional sweets, comes from the Merposur mercado outside the city of San Cristobal in the Mexican state of Chiapas and was made by a smiling and laughing craftswoman who relished the idea of adding devil horns.

Dawn Starin

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