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New digital titans are dominating our media landscape. Helen Wallis, New Internationalist Engagement Manager, explains why you should support independent journalism, in the video below.

For decades New Internationalist has been a force for media democratization. But we need your help to continue in this new digital age. Chris Spannos explains.

Digital technology has the potential to become a central force for a ‘new internationalism’, but this possibility remains uncertain because it is currently a force for new media monopolies and concentrations of power. This is why we need your help raising £30,000 ($42,000) by the end of April. We believe that the new digital technology should advance participation in media and amplify grassroots voices globally.

Video: New Internationalist Engagement Manager Helen Wallis explains
why you should support independent journalism.

Our May magazine will take a special look at 'appropriate technology', that is people centred, and aspires to global justice and human rights. Our July/August magazine will examine the new digital titans, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and others. In October we will publish a book, The Bleeding Edge: Why technology turns toxic in an unequal world. But to do all this requires your support. We do not take corporate advertising or government funding.

We rely on readers – like you – to support our work. Please support our online fundraiser.

So far we have raised £11,261. By donating now, you can help push us up to the half-way mark (£15,000). In addition to supporting our work above, you can also support our web publishing:

  • donate £25 to help pay a Majority World writer for a blog;
  • donate £50 to help pay for a feature web article.

Donations of any amount – monthly or one time only – are greatly appreciated.

By donating you can help advance New Internationalist as a portal for participation and media democratization. Please donate now.

On behalf of the team here at New Internationalist,
Thank you,
Chris Spannos, Digital Editor

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