Convoy to Calais for open borders

United Kingdom
Human Rights

The group London2Calais say that the limits of charity in the refugee crisis demand a political solution.

London2Calais has been distributing food parcels directly to people in the camp in Calais, situated in northern France, since 15 August 2015. The group's members see their actions as political, rather than humanitarian; their aim is to pressure the British government to open the borders. They do not agree with the distinction made by the government between migrants and refugees. This video follows their fourth and largest convoy to Calais, where more than 60 people travelled from Britain in 22 vehicles to package and distribute more than 1,000 parcels.

London2Calais is encouraging a large demonstration in Britain’s southeastern coastal town of Dover on 17 October.

This video was produced by London2Calais with additional footage supplied by Ryan Powell.

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