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Jeremy Corbyn 2008: ‘the twilight existence of migrant life’

United Kingdom
Human Rights

The new Labour Party leader made prescient observations about the crisis of migration that ring true today.

In 2008 New Internationalist hosted an evening of debate and discussion as part of its Clean Start campaign for the creation of a fair economy. Among the speakers was Jeremy Corbyn, then Labour MP for Islington North, now Labour Party leader. He spoke eloquently and passionately about the ‘twilight existence of migrant life’. His words provide insight into today’s current crisis dominating media headlines, and are as relevant today as they were in 2008.

Other Clean Start speakers included:
Ann Pettifor – Financial analyst; executive director of Advocacy International and a fellow of the new economics foundation
Susan George – Author and global justice activist
Walden Bello – Political analyst; executive director of Focus on the Global South
John Hilary – Director, War on Want
Chris Brazier – Co-editor, New Internationalist
Vanessa Baird – Co-editor, New Internationalist

Look out for the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of New Internationalist magazine, which will focus on migration.

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