PODCAST: Google, G20 and the British government


May’s Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network looks at privatization and tax: what happens when public assets or services get into private hands? Also: Google’s challenged on its tax affairs by its own shareholders; will Congress block the US administration’s decision to agree to the G20’s global transparency standard? And whatever happened to the British government’s ‘leadership’ on public registers of the real owners of companies now it turns out it’ll ‘encourage’ but not ‘force’ its overseas territories and Crown dependencies to sign up to the initiative?

Produced by @Naomi_Fowler and featuring economist James Henry, John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, Colombian Union leader Gerardo Santibanez, journalist and writer George Turner, Donald Cohen of In The Public Interest, Educationalist Daniel Weil and philosopher Michael J Sandel.

Download the podcast.

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