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Corporates cashing in on mental-health diagnosis

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Are we heading towards a mass-medicated society? Sriram Balla, under a CC License

Are you a disruptive person? Are you occasionally reluctant to part with possessions? Is your child defiant, or prone to temper tantrums? Are you grieving from the death of a close friend? Well, don’t worry; you can get drugs for all of this soon.

On Friday 17 May, the American Psychiatric Association published the fifth edition of its highly influential Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) – the first major update in 13 years. Although a US manual, DSM has global influence.

And that may not be good news. The new DSM has several new additions, including ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’ (when a child repeatedly says ‘No’ and acts defiantly), ‘Major Depressive Disorder’ (the experience of grieving) and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (temper tantrums).

The DSM is put together by panels of experts in psychiatry. But there is evidence that many of them serve as paid spokespeople for pharmaceutical companies, or conduct industry-funded research.

A recent study showed that ‘some of the most conflicted panels are those for which drugs represent the first line of treatment, with two-thirds of the mood disorders panel, 83 per cent of the psychotic disorders panel and 100 per cent of the sleep disorders panel disclosing “ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the medications used to treat these disorders or to companies that service the pharmaceutical industry.”’

Angry at the scandal, over 10,000 mental health professionals have signed a letter against DSM-5. Allan Frances, the author of DSM-4 and a psychiatrist with 45 years’ experience, is deeply opposed to the changes.

Stooping this low would not be new for ‘Big Pharma.’ Between 1994 and 2005, large pharmaceutical companies spent over $1.3 billion on lobbying politicians in the US alone. Only last week it was revealed that Western pharmaceutical companies used Communist East Germany for illegal drug trials in state-run hospitals in which several test subjects died. These companies do not have our best interests at heart.

In a world where most people assume that the development of new drugs can only ever be positive, they have the power to mass-medicate our entire society. If they can use their influence to convince you that a state of mind is a mental illness, they can sell you something to make it better.

Taking a pill is no substitute for proper mental-health care. This zenith of corporate control over healthcare pushes us one step closer to a dystopian world of mass medication. As the concerned author of the previous DSM Edition (DSM 4) has pointed out, this attempt to medicalize normal everyday experiences is reminiscent of the ‘Somapills’ from Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World –  a world where the entire population takes drugs.

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  1. #1 Madam Nomad 21 May 13

    I would not care so much about these greedy guys labeling every nuance of human emotion as a brain disease, except that once you are so labeled you are seen as a subhuman with infected alien DNA. You lose your human and civil rights and become part of the suspect underclass. Your oppression is then further enforced by the not-so-subtle coercion to take behavior-control chemicals, i.e. psychiatric ’medications.’

    In my 25 years of working with the labeled population in public mental health, every single person I spoke with was a victim of social injustice and interpersonal trauma. These conditions are worsened by brain-damaging drugs. I have been watching labeled people sicken and die from the direct effects of psychiatric chemicals. But these unwanted people don't alarm anyone with their suffering and early deaths.

  2. #2 Damien Flinter 23 May 13

    Medicalising the discontents..there are no social solutions... ..repeat after me...the world is fine..its me that is polluted and corrupt...have another gizmo..and take two of the little green ones after breakfast.

  3. #3 kjell myrberg 23 May 13

    From a Swedish horizon is the diagnostisation of individuals problematic behaviour extremely alarming. In our process of privatization of care and treatment, the provider of the services paid by state and community, the executioner, will also be the endorser of the treatment. Diagnose will be the foundation for commerce and industry.
    Only phantasy will be the limit, as progressive entrepreneurs do say.

    kjell myrberg

  4. #4 itsmejustme 24 May 13

    typical robbery by capitalist scum.

  5. #5 C 29 Jun 13

    ’Taking a pill is no substitute for proper mental-health care’

    In most states, if you want therapy and expect insurance to pay, you need to be diagnosed with something. Getting grief counciling or CBT for grief, and having insurance companies involved requires a diagnosis from the DSM.

    and lets not forget client sue, and psychologist can be subpoena-ed into a court if a client commits a crime.

    There is much more to the politics of diagnosis than pills.

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