We've been nominated for an Utne Media Award


We are very excited to be nominated for an Utne Media Award for our international coverage.

Formerly called the Utne Independent Press Awards, the accolades have been renamed in 2013 to better reflect the contemporary landscape, including the high quality coverage available on the internet. The awards celebrate independent media and aim to recognize its ‘distinctiveness and vitality’.

One of the unusual things about Utne Reader’s nomination process is that it works though a year-long examination process, instead of a one-off entry form.

Since 1984, Utne Reader, which delivers daily digests to its readers of independent ideas and alternative culture, has promoted news and views from across the political spectrum. It covers what the mainstream media misses and prides itself in its forward-thinking approach.

We are honoured to be nominated in the international category alongside the Middle East Report, NACLA Report on the Americas and our British-based friends Red Pepper.

The winners will be announced in New Orleans in May 2013 and published in Utne Reader’s July/August 2013 issue.

Nominees in other categories include Adbusters, Yes!, Grist, Resurgence & Ecologist and New Scientist.

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