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Don’t be fooled by economic growth

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‘If animals drink from the river, they become ill and die,’ says Eugenia by the River Ramis near Azangaro in Southern Peru. Once full of fish, the Ramis is now a dead river, killed by mining.

In these times of austerity, high rates of economic growth look like good news.

Not if you are poor and living in Peru.

Then the economic gains have come largely at your expense – especially if you living in an area where there is mining. And that, is pretty much most of the country, thanks to the hyper-exploitation of natural resources.

Peru and the Persistence of Inequality is the theme of this year’s Peru Support Group conference taking place tomorrow, Saturday 17 November, at 10.30-4.30 pm at Romero House, Westminster Bridge Road, London.

As usual, it will see Peruvian and European academics coming together to discuss the country’s current situation.

Always an informative, erudite and stimulating day.

Find out more about the Peru Support Group at their website.

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