Pass the sick bag (again) it's Gary Barlow!

United Kingdom
Watch this if you will. It seems Gary Barlow (I gather he’s some kind of singer) has dredged the bottom of the cringe bucket and come up with this:
We get the message. The people of the world are one big happy family and all we need to do is sing together – and rope in Andrew Lloyd-Webber, some military wives and members of the dopey royal family to boot. All jolly good fun!

Never mind that worldwide an estimated five million people die from starvation every year. Or that vicious wars are being fought out in the Majority World killing and maiming thousands of innocent people (with weapons often sold to them by the West). Or the millions suffering from AIDS. Or the millions that suffer and die from curable diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, acute lower-respiratory infections. And on, and on... Well, I’m not sure they have much to sing about.

But that’s all too depressing isn’t it? We don’t want to hear about those horrors, it brings the mood down. After all, it’s Jubilee year. Let’s be happy, let’s sing together and hope all the bad stuff goes away.

Oh, and before I get accused of being a killjoy I’d like to make clear I love music. I just hate the sanitized, saccharine bile on view here that does nothing to get to the truth about the world we inhabit and the terrible injustices but does everything to enhance the careers of pampered pop stars and millionaires and promote the myth that the royal family are just like us. After all, as Cameron and company like to tell us: we're all in it together.

As an antidote to this pap I urge you to watch this:

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