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Media Lens and Rupert Read – second thoughts

Earlier this week we published on this website a two-part essay by Media Lens on press coverage of the UN debate on Syria and its aftermath. This had been published on Media Lens’s own website but we felt it was offering a distinctly different perspective on possible intervention in Syria (with a look back at the intervention in Libya) from that which has appeared in the mainstream press.

Immediately after this we were contacted by the Green activist and academic Rupert Read to ask if we would be interested in publishing his own response to the Media Lens article. We said yes in the interest of fostering debate. The piece Rupert Read submitted (originally published on openDemocracy) turned out, however, to be primarily concerned with attacking Media Lens and its past record. We therefore tried to produce an edited version that stuck more closely to the issues related to the current Syrian conflict.

We regret, however, that the edited version retained the following paragraph: ‘So Media Lens, via Dreyfuss, lines up beside the quasi-totalitarian rulers of Russia (which has (not) incidentally an unbelievably dismal state of media freedom) against the brave revolutionaries of the Arab Spring in Syria. People like Media Lens and those they cite are doing a brilliant job of discrediting “the Left” and anti-imperialism.’

You can read Media Lens’s full rebuttal of Rupert Read’s charges here.

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