Your move...

This one's passionately dedicated to the Arab Spring and Occupy the Square movements - some of the most exciting things to happen in radical politics for ages... unless your only source of news is the corporate media, who are studiously and blatantly following Chomsky's description of how they behave - to paraphrase - "Good censorship consists of mentioning something just a little bit, but mainly ignoring it ... particularly when it threatens your own vested interests."

Polyp's chess board cartoon, with pawns surround fallen kings

Despite its apparent simplicity, I can't remember the last time the editorial process for a cartoon was so complex - I got through about 6 different versions of this before it became fixed. Perhaps good ideas are the ones that, after an initial flash of inspiration, involve the most fussing and faffing..?

And that process hasn't stopped yet... it's proving as difficult to choose even an informal name for this, as it was to finalize it. Any ideas? I've a few, but hey, you're the audience... the comments form is below... your move!

By the way, this cartoon is 100% copyright free... please feel free to share it any way you see fit... particularly with all those fine rebellious pawns taking over the squares themselves...

Polyp is one of New Internationalist's regular cartoonists. His website can be found at

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