South Sudan: A time for celebration and reflection

Photos from Conor Ashleigh in Juba on the day Africa’s newest nation was officially born.

South Sudan independence celebrations by Conor Ashleigh
As midnight approached on Friday 8 July thousands took to the streets of Juba to celebrate the independence of South Sudan.

Soldier, South Sudan, by Conor Ashleigh
A soldier stands in line at the independence celebrations on 9 July 9 2011 when South Sudan officially became the world’s newest nation.

South Sudan independence celebrations by Conor Ashleigh
The independence celebrations were an emotional event for many as they reflected on the millions of lives lost during the civil war that swept across South Sudan over the last few decades.

All photos copyright Conor Ashleigh

Conor Ashleigh is a visual storyteller focusing on social and environmental stories that aren’t regularly heard about in traditional media. His photographs have been published in international publications and he regularly works on assignments for humanitarian organizations; he still believes in the power of images to create

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