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Bono: tax dodger

It really felt like sticking my neck out in 2003, having a go at Bono, Sting and St Bob in the following full page story in the NI’s music issue, and sure enough we got complaints…

By the time of Live 8 no-one batted an eyelid over this one of Geldof…

I’d previously ‘got away’ with having a go at a Sting type figure as well…

The new Bono cartoon was initially a rough for my Big Bad World strip, but Chris, my NI editor, felt that by the time the next available mag was published in Sept, it’d look old hat, what with uncut planning to protest Bono at Glastonbury this month…

Bono tax dodging cartoon by polyp

I put together the rough by lazily cutting and pasting Bono’s head from the Rock Star Kidnap strip, and once it was agreed it wasn’t going in the NI, a penny dropped and I thought UK Uncut would love it, so I drew it up using the old artwork for speed, and put it out as a freebie via facebook.

Today I got a message saying it’s being turned into a sticker for Glastonbury! Result!

Editor’s note: To enlarge images, use the option in the View menu of your browser, or click on them. For a closer look at the issue of tax avoidance, take a look at our October 2008 issue, and in particular its keynote article, ‘Tax justice and the global fiddle’. You may notice a certain Irish rock star lurking at the bottom.

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