Partnership with visionOntv: more, better videos on

We are hugely excited to be able to announce that we are working with the lovely folks at visionOntv to bring New Internationalist readers an awesome selection of the very best global justice videos on the web.

The videos, which visionOntv curate on their globalviews channel, offer a unique insight into the struggle for social and environmental justice across the globe. You'll be able to watch them in our sidebar video player or over on our videos page. Or even right here in this very blog post.

The whole thing is something of an experiment, and so we would love to hear your feedback, either in the comments below or on twitter or facebook.

About visionOntv

visionOntv "believe that there needs to be a strong and independent network of video projects, that can aggregate and distribute video content with such effectiveness and ease that it can compete with the big media corporations." They have been working on creating and curating online video since 2008. Here's their mission statement. A core plank of their work is training in video citizen journalism. You can find out more about citizen video journalism training on their website.

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