Education cuts threaten human rights degree

A New Internationalist reader and current student writes:

The Human Rights undergraduate degree at Roehampton University was the first of its kind and remains one of only a handful worldwide. It is the only single-honours human rights degree course in the UK, yet thanks to the education cuts its existence is now threatened.

It is of crucial importance that the degree is saved, maintained and improved.

This degree helps its students to get a broader knowledge about the current issues in the world. It encourages everyone who is studying it to think about those issues and how they are of great importance to all of us.

It is unjustifiable and deplorable that Vice-Chancellors and bosses at universities around the country (including our own) have received pay rises this year, whilst good and important degrees, like the Human Rights course, are in danger of being taken off the universities’ list of programmes.

Anyone who wants to help us to save our course can sign the petition on 

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