Articles by Zoe Holman

  • : A woman crosses the Qalandiya check point, the biggest in the occupied West Bank, in 2014. ROGER GARFIELD/ALAMY

    Palestine: From accord to Apartheid

    In the lead story from our May-June 2023 issue, Zoe Holman looks at how the so-called ‘peace process’ has allowed Israel to deepen its colonial project over Palestinian lives.
  • Girls sit at desks in a school classroom

    Iraq: at a glance

    For so long subject to ‘the tyranny of strangers’, Zoe Holman explores the ongoing appetite for change in Iraq.
  • Al-Aqsa

    Country profile: Palestine

    Curfews, routine raids and land-grabs. Zoe Holman on what has become of the fragmented Occupied Palestinian Territories’ struggle for statehood since the 1993 Oslo agreement. 
  • Refugee stranded: a little girl stands by the barbed wire fence in a temporary tent camp near the overcrowded Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Angelos Tzortzinis/PA

    Greece: breaking point

    As the EU continues to praise Greece as its ‘shield’ against migration, Zoe Holman reports on how refugees are coping in the overcrowded Moria camp.
  • Greece opens its arms — and seas — to hydrocarbon giants

    The state hopes deep-sea mining will pay off its crippling debts – but the only outcome will be environmental devastation, argues Zoe Holman.
  • military tank

    Country Profile: Libya

    Almost any Libyan can tell you the story of a relative or friend imprisoned, tortured, exiled or simply disappeared. Zoe Holman profiles this complex country. 
  • Bahrain

    A look at Bahrain today

    Despite the atrocious human rights situation in the country, the West finds much to celebrate about Bahrain. Zoe Holman reports.
  • Country Profile: Cambodia

    Both cash flow and political power have remained concentrated in Cambodia, writes Zoe Holman.
  • Rekindling fears: right-wing violence against migrants is back in Greece

    Arrivals may have petered out this summer, but the prolonged refugee crisis appears to be ushering new waves of hostility into the country, reports Zoe Holman.