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    16 million and counting: the collateral damage of capital

    Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel investigate how neoliberal policies have led to the deaths of millions around the world.
  • A Metropolitan Police officer approaches Just Stop Oil activists as they demonstrate on Highbury Corner in north London on November 30, 2022.  (Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

    Is England sliding further towards authoritarianism?

    Stronger policing powers, harsher sentences and higher fines. Democratic protest is under threat from Westminster, as the sentencing of a Just Stop Oil activist this week shows. Andrea Brock and Nathan Stephens-Griffin write.
  • A council of citizens and state officials deliberate over Algeria's just transition away from extractive industries. Crowds of people and workers celebrate watching over the economic and social changes taking place, including low-intensive agriculture and solar panel implementation in the background.

    Just transition – now or never

    As Egypt prepares to host the latest UN climate conference, COP27, Hamza Hamouchene and Katie Sandwell call time on ‘business as usual’, which in North Africa means non-solutions that line private pockets at public expense and protect political elites.
  • A rally to mark Defender of Ukraine Day, in Kiev, on 14 October 2017. Activists and supporters of the Azov, Svoboda (Freedom), Ukrainian nationalist parties and Right Sector took part.

    Who are you calling a nazi?

    Richard Swift and Conrad Landin examine Vladimir Putin’s bogus claims of ‘de-nazification’ in Ukraine.
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    The alternative book review

    Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateau and Amy Hall review the latest releases in radical publishing.
  • Through Abraço Campeão, Alan Duarte works with young people to see a future amid the pressure of constant violence and police raids. JOSIANE SANTANA

    So, what’s the alternative?

    Community-based initiatives are helping keep people safe where the police fail. Lucilla Harrell and Amy Hall speak to organizers in Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US.
  • Refugees from Ukraine arrive at the central station, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Berlin, Germany, March 14, 2022. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

    Must we ration compassion?

    Europe’s response to accommodate people fleeing Ukraine illustrates how sanctuary for all refugees is possible. Jun Pang and Nadia Hasan write.
  • EU / WFP bags of food aid in a warehouse in Algeria

    Should emergency aid be neutral and unconditional?

    Khin Ohmar and Toby Lanzer explore the complex trade-offs made by humanitarians working under repressive regimes.
  • Ladi (left), pictured with a relative, a Congolese  Mavrovouni resident is feeling the pressure. SEBASTIAN SKOV ANDERSEN

    Rule of silence

    A hard-line regime in Greek refugee camps is making life harder for the migrants within them, as well as aid workers who want to help. Sebastian Skov Andersen and Gabriel Geiger report.
  • Two chairs sit by the side of an empty road. Both have teddies on them.

    Stay or go: villagers vs big coal

    Germany may have committed to phasing out coal but that hasn’t stopped mine expansion plans which threaten two villages. Paul Krantz and Leo Frick report.
  • VIDEO: ‘It’s a battle to survive’

    An intimate 7-minute video portrait shares a stonecutter’s family struggling with hunger in Sierra Leone.
  • Photo Credit: Jen Zoon, Smithsonian's National Zoo

    Do zoos cause more harm than good?

    Do zoos represent pointless captivity or an opportunity for conservation and education? Linda Kimotho and Oluwaseun S Iyasere have different takes.
  • The alternative book review

    Jo Lateu, Peter Whittaker, Vanessa Baird weigh up recent releases in radical publishing.
  • Lloyd’s of London’s debt

    What would be the cost of reparations for the transatlantic slave trade and ongoing support of fossil fuels? Sahar Shah and Harpreet Kaur Paul explore the Lloyd’s insurance market.
  • The alternative music review

    Malcolm Lewis and Louise Gray review the latest releases by Justin Adams and Mauro Durante and Bareto.
  • The alternative book review

    Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateu, Rahila Gupta weigh up recent releases in parallel publishing.
  • Five things you need to know about the Glasgow Climate Pact

    Following the Glasgow Climate Pact, the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels still has a pulse, argue Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin – but only just.
  • Mixed media: music

    Louise Gray and Malcolm Lewis review sounds from Irish folk musician Rhiannon Giddens and experimentalist Laurie Anderson.
  • The alternative book review

     Jo Lateu, Peter Whittaker, and Vanessa Baird on the latest releases in radical publishing.
  • Is criminalization the right response to domestic violence?

    Are legal punishments an effective way to tackle domestic violence, or are they failing to go to the heart of the problem? Leigh Goodmark and Stella Nyanzi go head to head.
  • Mixed media: music

    Malcolm Lewis and Louise Gray weigh up the latest releases in alternative music.
  • The alternative book review

    Build Your House Around My Body by Violet Kupersmith; The Art of Losing by Alice Zeniter; Silicon Values by Jillian C York; Abolishing the Police edited by Koshka Duff.
  • A taste of hope

    With herders under threat from global heating in Somaliland, the government has hatched a plan to move millions to the coast. But can pastoralists adapt to fishing. Alice Rowsome and Yahye Xanas investigate.
  • Colour-co-ordinated laundry hanging out to dry in the background, children play in the parking lot of Cissie Gool House, an unused government hospital in the Woodstock neighbourhood, occupied by 700 evictees from the area since 2017.LERATO MADUN

    Fighting dispossession

    Citizens’ groups are resisting gentrification, evictions and housing inequality in urban South Africa in a variety of creative ways. Ben Verghese and Ilham Rawoot report from Cape Town.
  • Is homeschooling socially harmful?

    Does being educated at home limit or enrich children’s experiences? Lindsey T Powell and Cheryl Fields-Smith have different opinions. 
  • Ouch Leng in Prey Lang Forest, pictured in February 2021, protecting resin trees prior to his arrest.

    Forest defenders under fire in Cambodia

    Authorities in charge of protecting the massive Prey Lang forest in Northern Cambodia are intent on harassing environmental activists rather than nabbing illegal loggers. Mary Menton and Justine Taylor report.
  • Following the police killing of George Floyd, 300 people gather outside the Minnesota capitol building to demand reparations from the United States government for years of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, redlining,  ​and violence against black people from police in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 19, 2020. Credit: Fibonacci Blue

    Reparations – an idea whose time has come?

    Does a racially just future need to include reparations for transatlantic slavery or is that a distraction from achieving equality for future generations? KA Dilday and Kehinde Andrews disagree on this topical issue.
  • The alternative music review

    Louise Gray and Malcolm Lewis review Uprize! by Spaza and Zan by Liraz.
  • Keeping the world cared for

    From dealing with Covid-19, to finding inventive ways to make ends meet, three workers from the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago and Zimbabwe tell their stories.
  • The Union of Land Workers (UTT) and other associations convened a greengrocer in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 10, 2020  in support of the measure of the National Government to increase the retention of soybeans to the largest producers and in rejection of the unemployment of the field.  Photo by Carol Smiljan/NurPhoto

    9 inspiring food-aid projects

    Emergency relief can be done in ways that go beyond sticking-plaster solutions. Frideswide O’Neill and Hazel Healy profile nine groups doing things differently…
  • Lucy Provan and Alice Rowsome meet the women who helped bring down Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, and discover a movement for change in full swing.

    Mothers of the revolution

    Lucy Provan and Alice Rowsome meet the women who helped bring down Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, and discover a movement for change in full swing.
  • Photo by Bureau of Land Management New Mexico

    Sun sets on Big Oil

    Endtimes for Big Oil. Danny Chivers and Jess Worth have some good news from the frontlines.
  • Betty Bigombe

    ‘I was ready to do whatever it took to bring peace’

    Death threats delivered by bleeding amputees were not enough to deter Betty Bigombe from trying to make peace between Joseph Kony’s notorious Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government of Yoweri Museveni.
  • Baiga women in Madhya Pradesh, India collecting leaves. Credit: ephotocorp.

    How to bend the curve of biodiversity loss

    As the UN convenes the Biodiversity Summit in New York, Joji Cariño, Andy Whitmore, Milka Chepkorir and Claire Bracegirdle argue the case for centering the knowledge of indigenous people and local communities in the fight against biodiversity loss.
  • The radical book review

    Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateu, and Vanessa Baird weigh up the latest releases in progressive publishing.
  • The radical book review

    Jo Lateu, Peter Whittaker, Vanessa Baird review Solved by Andrew Wear; Artemisia by Anna Banti; Becoming Kim Jong-Un by Jung H Pak; A Silent Fury by Yuri Herrera.