Articles by Nick Harvey

  • Why do some conflicts get more media coverage than others?

    Nick Harvey considers the role – and the agenda – of the global media in making the news.
  • Are ordinary Tuaregs becoming Mali conflict scapegoats?

    Nick Harvey and Julien Tremblin look at the plight of Tuareg refugees caught in the crossfire of a conflict that’s as devastating as it is complex.
  • Haiti: where did all the money go?

    More than $10 billion was raised worldwide for Haiti after the earthquake. But, two years on, what have NGOs done with the cash? Nick Harvey investigates.
  • The shocking link between racism and schizophrenia

    A migrant is up to five times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia in the UK than a white British person. On World Mental Health Day, Nick Harvey argues that racial discrimination is to blame.
  • West Papua: the road to freedom

    Tuesday 2 August marked the 48th anniversary of the West Papuan struggle for independence from Indonesia. Now is the time for their voices to be heard, says Nick Harvey.
  • Jungle orphans

    *Nick Harvey* reports on the position of the Hmong – both inside Laos and the bleak refugee camps of Thailand.
  • Tibet: 50 years from home

    It is half a century since the Dalai Lama and thousands of other Tibetans were forced into exile by the Chinese occupation. *Nick Harvey* talks to exiles young and old about their hopes for their country.
  • The Fire Inside

    Women who love women still leads to suicide pacts in India, often burning themselves to death. But in the wake of a groundbreaking film, lesbians are asserting themselves more – and seeing some encouraging signs of change, as *Nick Harvey* reports.
  • Queer India

    *Nick Harvey* explains the background on gay rights – and then talks to lesbian activists about a cause that is beginning to catch fire.