Articles by Maggie Black

  • The trashing of Oxfam

    Abuse must be eradicated but the attack on Oxfam is disproportionate, argues Maggie Black in this opinion piece
  • I was a child soldier for Uganda's President

    Thirty years since the recently re-elected Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni abducted him as a child soldier, Kassim Kiggundu tells his story of suffering, exploitation and betrayal.
  • We need to talk about... toilets

    2008 is the International Year of Sanitation. Or, asks *Maggie Black*, is it the International Year of Silence and Embarrassment?
  • Somalia

    Somalia is the ultimate in ‘imagined communities’, the failed state whose fissiparous character is unique even in today’s splintered world. Situated in the dusty Horn of Africa, this is a country whose Transitional Federal Government (TFG) exists only cour
  • Closing the loop

    Maggie Black talks dirty with a group of sanitation experts in a Chinese hotel and sees a green future for the humble loo.