Articles by Louisa Waugh

  • Mohamad Hafez

    The interview: Mohamad Hafez

    The Syrian-American architect and artist about the power of nostalgia and his lifelong homesickness for Syria.
  • Alternative combat

    Louisa Waugh speaks to activists in Israel and Palestine working together in the name of peace.
  • Meet the peacemakers

    From occupied Palestine to Scottish high schools, people across the world are challenging the warmongers. We profiled eight extraordinary people on the peace frontline.
  • The ambassador of joy

    Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. She talks to Louisa Waugh.
  • The rise of Hamas

    They may be losing popularity in Gaza, but Hamas are a force to be reckoned with – even by Israel. Louisa Waugh reports.