Articles by Jess Worth

  • Paris deal: Epic fail on a planetary scale

    The Paris Agreement is being hailed as a great success. But will it deliver climate justice? Danny Chivers and Jess Worth put it to the test.
  • 'The real power is below'

    Campaigners, unionists and organizers discuss Paris, and beyond, from New Internationalist's November magazine.
  • Climate radio

    *Jess Worth* talks about the NI magazine on the Arctic with Climate Radio.
  • Who owns the Arctic?

    Could countries come to blows over the North's resources? Professor *Michael Byers* explains.
  • Power politics

    Stopping climate change will involve reversing some fundamental injustices, argues *Jess Worth.*
  • Don't panic: take action!

    You can play your part in the global movement for climate justice by getting involved in local and national campaigns wherever you are. Here are a few tips for taking effective climate action.
  • Climate Justice - The Facts

    Climate change is causing human suffering all over the world and it's the poorest of the poor who are going to be worst hit.
  • Debt: I was a brutal banker

    What were you doing a decade ago? I was dressed as an international banker, dragging a gang of sackcloth-wearing slaves through the streets of Birmingham, occasionally stopping to whip them and demand my money back. Not for fun, you understand (though it was, rather – apart from the fact that my bowler hat itched and my moustache was melting in the sunshine.) We were doing it because the G8 leaders were meeting there, and we were part of the Jubilee 2000 campaign to cancel ‘third world’ debt.
  • People versus corporations

    400 years of controversy and confrontation.
  • Darfur – Facts and timeline

    Facts, timeline and map
  • Darfur: sick of promises

    Jess Worth encounters a community that’s demanding answers.